Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Cultural References

And how do Harry and Pippi know about Hamlet? I thought it was all because of that wonderful song - The Three Minute Hamlet. And that certainly played a part. But how could I have forgotten this little gem. That's right. Remember when Gilligan's Island performed a musical Hamlet? I could never listen to the song Carmen again without hearing the "new" words.

So, now we will read the real thing - but compared to Seamus' song and the Gilligan's Island version I don't know how well it will stand up.


Brian Mandabach said...

How can even the immortal Bard stand up to Gilligan & the gang? But what I love about "No Fear" and others like it, is the blindingly obvious brilliance of Will Shakes when juxtaposed to the same thing in updated language. Do you read both with the kids, or turn to the latter only when baffled?

Am I too protective? Not sure that I'd do Hamlet with a 7--murder, madness, suicide. (Which I'm all for, btw, but my older child would have been too sensitive at that age.)

But you inspire me, becuase she's ready for it now!

HipWriterMama said...

Love Hamlet. Tag. You're it!

Christine M said...

Brian - we read both side by side. We read the "plain English" first so the kids know what is going on - then go on to the true Shakespeare - we do one page at a time that way.