Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One Egg Hatched

I was sitting, in the living room, working on my lap top, and gazing out the window (you can see how much working was going on) and I noticed that the robin was standing on the edge of her nest looking in, as opposed to sitting nestled snuggly on top of her four eggs.

Naturally, I had to sacrifice work time to go to the window and see what was up. And I was glad I did.

What I saw was a little newly hatched bird. So new that it was like a little wiggly pink ... something ... (I'm kind of at a loss as to how to describe it) it didn't have feathers - but a little bit of fuzz here and there. It was moving very awkwardly, as if it couldn't figure out what moving was all about. And while I watched, it managed to get itself into position to put its head up, and open its beak. That was when the mother bird put the little bit of food she was holding in her beak, in the babies mouth. The baby immediately opened its mouth for more (the mother ignored it.)

Later I saw both mother and father robin looking at their newly hatched baby. Then the mother settled herself back in the nest again (I guess it's okay to sit on your babies if you're a bird) and I suppose will wait for the other eggs to hatch.

I'm so glad the robins built their nest where we can see the baby birds from the living room window. It's quite a treat.


slatta said...

Hi Chris, lovely blog. A house wren made her nest in a small bag of wood chips sitting on the side of our grill last summer. Needless to say, we didn't do any grilling for a few weeks, but it was so entertaining to watch Mom coming and going, and to get the occasional glimpse of hungry little mouths.

Anonymous said...

i love robins & we always have them in our garden...would you mind adding my blog to your links?

God bless