Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Mood Monday

Our baby birds are growing. There are three of them in the nest. You can see two of them in this picture. I imagine that pretty soon they will learn to fly. They are growing so quickly.

And other than that this is cute picture of some cute birds - how does this make a good mood Monday? Well - the other day I saw how the mother bird disposes of the bodily waste from the baby birds. She plucks it up in her beak and flies away with it.

So - dirty diapers don't seem so bad now - do they? It's all a matter of perspective.

For some more Happy Thoughts - check out House of Cards for some random acts of kindness. And if you have any other happy Monday posts let me know in the comments and I'll link to them.
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PJ Hoover said...

Thanks for the link :) It makes the world a brighter place to look for bits and pieces of kindness around us. And of course to strive to provide our own (something I must do more often).