Monday, May 28, 2007

Good Mood Monday

Okay, I almost forgot it was Monday - what with it being a holiday and all. And the kids are home from school, and my husband doesn't have work today. But it is Monday - and it's time for a bit of good cheer.

Hmmm - well, I can start with the fact that the kids don't have school and my husband doesn't have work. It's always nice to have an extra day to spend together.

And yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day with a parade and picnic at my Mom's house. The parade route goes in front of my parents' house, so it's a perfect place to watch. And all the scouts that marched in the parade threw candy. Lots of candy. And they really hurled it. We had to scour the lawn later to make sure we didn't miss any pieces - don't worry, the candy won't go to waste - my kids both have major sweet tooths. (On a side note, I hardly ever have to buy candy except at the major candy times: Halloween, Christmas and Easter, the rest of the time they get their supply from birthday parties and a few well timed parades!)

And one more feel good note: Harry has learned to cook scrambled eggs (no help, Mom, I can do it all myself) and so after he made himself breakfast - before I was out of bed - he also made breakfast for me. Now, isn't that nice?

Have a great day - and if anyone has any mood boosters to share, let me know in the comments, and I'll link to you.

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