Monday, May 07, 2007

Good Mood Monday

I wanted to get this post done earlier in the hopes of attracting more people to the idea of "Good Mood Monday" - put, what can I say - it's Monday.

Inspired by a post on joy at Sweetness and Light and by the Carnivals of Joy at Three Plus Two, I thought it would be neat to have a day when we post about good things. And Mondays are a day we could all use a little mood-lightening, whether it's because you have to go to work again after a relaxing weekend, or are trying to convince the children that they really do want to go to school this morning, Mondays can be tough.

I'd say that the most mood-boosting thing this morning was the walk to school with the kids. The sky was blue, the breeze was fresh, and the goslings were out. While Canada Geese can be a pain, with the mess they leave in parks and on sidewalks, their offspring are adorable. Right now we have four little fluffy yellow goslings trailing their parents around the park. So cute.

And if that isn't mood-brightening enough for you, check out this video. I originally saw this when Melissa Wiley linked to it from one of her many blogs but couldn't find the original link today. I did find it on YouTube, but when I tried to embed it in my blog, it didn't work. So hopefully the link will. I particularly like the line "You can sleep when you are dead."

If you want to participate in Good Mood Monday, just put a note in the comments with a link, and I'll round it all up later today.

Edited to add: Meredith, over at Sweetness and Light, joins Good Mood Monday today with a lovely post on Mondays with Mary. And what better way is there, really, to put yourself in a good mood, then to spend some time in the company of the mother of our Lord.


Meredith said...

Hi Christine, my good mood Monday post will be up later today, and it'll be about our Monday's With Mary and learning the Salve Regina both the Latin and English versions!! Thanks for a GREAT idea and linking me!! Happy Day!

Meredith said...

Here is my Joyful post for today!! Enjoy!

Angel said...

I think is a great idea! (Also, a good name for it.) I'm sorry I missed this one... hopefully our crazy life will be a little less crazy shortly and I'll be able to remember what day it is next week!