Wednesday, May 30, 2007

To Read or Not To Read

After our successful reading of Shakespeare's A Midsummers Night's Dream, and eager for more Shakespeare - my kids have requested Hamlet. They know about Hamlet because they've heard the song "The Three Minute Hamlet" and if you haven't heard the song you should. It can be heard at Seamus Kennedy's myspace page. Listen and be enlightened.

They know that Hamlet isn't a comedy (although the song is pretty funny) and they know lots of people die. But that's the one they want.

So, I bought the No Fear Shakespeare edition of Hamlet and I suppose we can get started.

My question to anyone out there who might have an opinion: Am I crazy for reading Hamlet with a 10 year old and a 7 year old? Maybe I am. Sigh. But, when elementary school kids request Shakespeare plays by name, it's kind of hard to turn them down.

I'll post about how it goes. - Oh, and really - if you didn't go that link and listen to the Three Minute Hamlet. Please do. Go. Go now. You won't be sorry.


Jim D said...

Gee Christine, I thought that just happened around the Chicago area!

Jim D said...

OOps.....the comment was for parking lot observation