Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Are You Asking Me?

Jen Robinson recently mentioned a call for World Punctuation Day. I whole-heartedly support this day, especially if it can help me with my rather unique problem?

My problem is question marks. They never seem to go in the right place in my writing? I'll write a sentence that I know to be inquisitive and end it with a very prosaic period, instead of the required question mark. Why is that. I don't know? Because then I go and do the very opposite. I'll write something I know is a declarative sentence and finish it off with a question mark, as if I were a valley girl, or just not very sure of myself?

This is a long-standing problem, and I'm sure others who have read my unedited writing would vouch for it? It's also very embarrassing, because, I'm an editor by trade and really shouldn't have a problem with these things?

Thank goodness for Word, which puts that lovely green squiggly line under grammar problems.

And, yes, I did stretch the point in this post and put question marks where I know they don't belong, and leave out ones I knew should go there. But I really do have a problem with this.

So - I say Yay to a World Punctuation Day! Especially if it will help the question-mark challenged, like myself?

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Jen Robinson said...

Did you see that I had a punctuation error in my own post about World Punctuation Day? These problems can slip in almost anywhere. Good luck with the question marks?