Monday, October 01, 2007

The Feast of The Little Flower

Today is the feast day for St. Theresa of Lisieux. Many other people around the Catholic blogosphere have written about her today, and you can find lots of information about her here. But I didn't want this feast to go unacknowledged by me, because in a way St. Theresa could be the patron saint of this blog. She focused on "The Little Way", I try to focus on the "simple and ordinary" - are they really all that different? Well, yeah - I guess they are - but what I'm trying to say is that by focusing on the simple and the ordinary things in life and finding the blessed in them, I try to do what St. Theresa tried to do with her "little way".

We nearly named our daughter Theresa Rose - but opted for a different Saint's name for her first name instead (her name isn't really Pippi, you know).

So I guess I just wanted to acknowledge a Saint today that I feel a special affinity for. Happy Feast Day, St. Theresa.

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