Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Day

I like All Saints Day. I like it because it helps us to remember that the Saints were just people - perhaps like you and me - they had their faults and foibles too - but that didn't stop them from getting into heaven.

I like All Saints Day because it reminds us that there are a lot more saints in heaven than we are aware of.

The preschool children in our parish sing a Saint song for All Saints Day. It goes something like this:

I'm a Saint
Are you too?
This is what Jesus asks us to do
To love one another
And to love him too
I'm a Saint
How About You!

(I might have some of those words wrong, it's been a while since my children were in pre-school, and although the little ones sang it in Mass this past week, they were pretty shy and mumbly - but I do know it ends with "I'm a Saint, How about you!" because the children always like to shout the You and point at everyone.)

So - strive to be a Saint. What better ambition could there be.

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