Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Daring Do

According to my daughter The Daring Book for Girls' advice on overcoming fears is "do it." Pippi took that advice today.

We went to The Liberty Science Center and had a great time. No crowds - lots of fun exhibits. One of the fun exhibits had to do with skyscrapers. And 18 feet above the ground, with no safety net, a person could experience what it is like to be a construction worker walking the beams of a high-rise under construction. (Of course there is a harness and safety cable.)

Harry of course was into it. He walked the beams, a little nervous at first, but fine when he finished. He wanted to do it again.

Pippi wasn't so sure. She wanted to do it too. Her little brother had done it. But she was scared. So she went back and forth. Should she do it? Shouldn't she?

Finally she decided in favor. And although Harry went around two more times to her one, and she was practically trembling when it was over. She did it! (I wish I'd brought my camera.)

Is she a daring girl? You bet.

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