Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maybe it's Me...

Or does this happen to other people too?

I was looking for leaf bags today. The tall brown paper kind. I know we can get them free from the town - but the appointed pick-up times for our area weren't publicized until they had passed - and I was down to our last bag from last year. But it was time to get the leaves up. I had vague hopes that all the leaves would fit in one bag - but that didn't pan out.

So, I was looking for leaf bags. I went to Lowes first because that seemed like the kind of thing they would have. I looked around and when I didn't see any, I asked. I was told they were out - but would get more in on Friday. "But", the young man said, "you should try Wegmans."

Now, Wegmans is a grocery store, and I hadn't thought to look there - but since that was the next stop on my errand run, I figured I'd try. Having no idea where to look in Wegmans for something like that I stopped first at the customer service desk.

The man there thought they carried those bags - but he'd check. So he called someone who supposedly knew his stuff and was told that no - they do not carry them after all.

No big deal. I got my other stuff - and decided to check the garbage bag aisle.

And there they were. Tall, brown, paper leaf bags.

The thing is - this happened to me once before. I was looking for something in a bath and linen store and having no luck. Finally, I asked someone if they carried the item I was looking for (a waterproof window curtain for inside a shower - which is where our window is). I was told that they did not have anything like that.

Before leaving though, I just checked one more place - and found exactly the thing I was looking for.

I've always figured it made more sense to ask someone if an item was carried by a store, than to wander aimlessly around acres of all sorts of products. But, now I'm beginning to wonder.

Maybe it's just me.

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