Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thankful for Fast Acting Inhalers

I know the inhalers are not the final solution to Harry's asthma. But it is sure nice to know, at 3:30 in the morning, when he is coughing uncontrollably because he can't catch his breath, that there is something that we can do for him right away. And it works. And I'm thankful.


Esther said...

Poor boy! I developed a mild case of asthma in the last year or so. Sometimes drinking mullein tea helped.

ukok said...

I hear you! We are an asthmatic family. Joe had chest problems since he was born, but at aged about 2 was diagnosed with asthma and we have been through this year in year out. (He's now 12) Raising the mattress at the head end might help with Harry's coughing, as might keeping a bowl of water in the room and/or placing a damp towel on a radiator to aid humnidity. Coughing at night is usually made worse by the dry air and lack of humidity.

I was diagnosed asthmatic about 7 years ago after my immune system was shot to pieces after being rushed to hospital with pneumonia, scepticemia and suspected meningitis, after the illness and a week on IV high dose antibiotics and steroids I was never right again - though some would say I was never right to start off with, LOL!

Eventually after consistantly occurring chest infections I was also diagnosed with chronic asthma.

It can be such a burden to me, but I especiallly appreciate how debilitating it is for the children. Often they don't get enough sleep, can't concentrate properly at school,aren't able to participate in sports and can even be bullied to some extent.

Prayers ascend for Harry.And for your peace of mind!

Christine M said...

Thanks, Esther and Deb. Harry's asthma is primarily allergy-induced, so we're waiting for a good killing frost here. In the meantime we took him to the doctor and got some new meds. But I do think the dry air might be a problem too (humidity tends to be the norm in NJ - but it's been a bit dryer lately)