Monday, November 19, 2007

Thankful that Thanksgiving is almost here

Because it's one of my favorite holidays. So many other holidays get bogged down in the commercial aspects. And there always seems to be some long to-do list associated with other holidays. Now, I will admit, going out of town for Thanksgiving does mean I don't have to worry about preparing a meal - or having guests - but going away for several days does require a certain amount of organization on my end. But for some reason it's not stressful.

And then we spend a couple of days with cousins we see once or twice a year. There is fun and fellowship and of course good food. Our holiday is of the multi-part variety. There are the snacks, the meal, and the sandwiches later. And the next day we have a second gathering (even bigger than Thanksgiving) with casual food and more fun and fellowship - including singing Christmas songs around the player piano while a fire roars in the fireplace (very Currier and Ives or Norman Rockwell).

You know, it's very interesting. Last year, when I taught fourth grade religious education, my students had 'get to know you' forms to fill out. One of the questions was "What's your favorite holiday." Of the six children in my class, four said that Thanksgiving was their favorite. The reason: getting together with family. Kids may clamor for the latest gadget - but what they really like is what we all like: gathering together as family and friends.

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