Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's Election Day

So go vote. But only if you know who you are voting for - and maybe even know why.

A big deal is made every year about low voter turn out and what should be done to make it easier for people to vote. And people should vote. I absolutely agree. If they know what they are voting for.

My husband keeps hearing or reading news reports quoting people who have no idea who is running, or what the public questions are, or what offices are being voted on, but they insist they'll be at the polls. Why?

It's our civic duty to vote. That's true. But it's also our duty to vote responsibly, which means having some idea what's going on before you step into the voting booth. Because face it - if you don't really know - and you are just voting some way because someone else (and that includes newspapers and TV) told you to - then you aren't really getting a vote - the other person (who ever you are basing your voting on) is getting two votes - yours and his.

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