Sunday, November 18, 2007

Does This Make me a Good Mother... or a Bad One?

My kids had never had Twinkies. Until yesterday, that is.

I had never set out to purposefully deny them Twinkies - but I also don't go out of my way to buy sugary junk food (they also don't get sugar coated cereal.)

The PTO at the kids school is doing a Care Package drive for our soldiers. They hope to get enough goodies to make several care packages to ship to the Middle East. A letter came home with some suggested items. I let each of the children pick three items on the list that we would get and donate.

Harry and I had our shopping expedition yesterday. One of the things he wanted to get was Twinkies. Okay - we'd get the soldiers Twinkies. As we were walking through the store he told me he'd never had Twinkies, but he'd seen them advertised in the many old comic books we had.

Never had Twinkies? Could that be? So, we bought two boxes of Twinkies. One for the soldiers and one for us. And when Pippi saw them she assured me that she had never had Twinkies either.

So, my children reached the ages of seven and ten without ever before experiencing that golden sponge cake filled with creamy goodness. Well, we've rectified that now. We had Twinkies for dessert.


Barrie said...

And guess what they sell at our fair? Deep-fried twinkies!! We tried them once. I popped over from PJ's blog. Hi!

kkolshorn said...

Knowing my feeling about creme fillings and deserts, I don't think that the kids were missing anything. Knowing your children and the fact that they think that the fact I hate whipped cream is weird, I am sure that they enjoyed the twinkies.

Barb, sfo said...

LOL, if you ever meet MY kids, ask Middle Sister about the Twinkie-eating contest my neighbor had at his last party.
She'll never eat a Twinkie again, to hear her tell it. And this is a kid who can stomach several Slim Jims at once.