Friday, November 02, 2007

Thankful for Running Water

I read a story about a town in Tennessee that has run out of water. Every day they use their fire trucks to haul water from another town to their water tank. Then for three hours every night the mayor turns on the water and the 145 people in the town can take showers, fill water jugs, run dishwashers and whatever else they need to do. From six to nine pm they have water. The rest of the time - they do not.

There are people in countries where water is an extreme luxury. People will walk far for water. Sometimes water is not clean - and will lead to disease. Without enough to drink, people will die.

But where I am, when I turn the tap, I get water. Clean, fresh water - cold or hot - depending on the direction I turn the knob. I have enough water that I can yell at my son to stop splashing so much in the bath tub.

I have water. Whenever I want it. And I am thankful

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