Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Dollhouse Christmas

Everyone is decorating for Christmas. Including the family that lives in the Dollhouse. The Dollhouse was made for me by my father for a Christmas many years ago. It's a true masterpiece. And it now resides in my daughter's room.
The outside is decorated and the mail carrier is leaving a package.

Inside the family gathers in the living room around the tree. There's a game of checkers in progress, and giant cookies for their enjoyment. Pardon the 70s clothes. The Dawn dolls were mine and their wardrobe is a bit dated. In the kitchen the father and grandfather are catching up on the latest news. There are some lovely handmade pies on the counter.

Upstairs Grandma settles the baby while visiting with one of her grandchildren and in another room, Mom is reading a book to baby.

The children are busy watching TV and writing in the play room.

I hope your holiday preparations are as far along as the Dollhouse Family.

Note: you can click on the images to see them larger (much larger).


PJ Hoover said...

Um, wow! Can you say seriously impressive?
Your daughter must LOVE this!

Christine M said...

She really does love it. She enjoys setting it all up - as you can see.