Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Our exciting New Year's Eve festivities include using the fondue pot to deep fry our dinner.

Then after baths, there will be board games. Starting with Apples to Apples, whether another game will follow will depend partly on time.

After that will be a movie - the children picked Evan Almighty, which we meant to see in the movie theater, but never did. Then we'll watch some of Dick Clark's Rockin' Christmas Eve - flipping through the channels, I'm sure, until right before midnight when we make sure we're focused on the big ball.

The ball will drop. We'll all cheer. Then it will be off to bed.

A very simple and ordinary New Year's celebration - but that's what we're all about here after all!

Happy New Year!


kkolshorn said...

I hope that you aren't ruining the fondue by putting something awful in it like say swiss cheese. Wouldn't that just make for a lousy meal.

Esther said...

Happy New Year Chris! It won't be New Years for another 7 hours or so but we usually celebrate with NJ time :-)

Meaning hunt said...

Oh, celebrations with family is always something good...!

By the way, I found you blog because of the post of October 3rd - I left a comment there.

Happy New Year!

Ellen said...

Happy New Year Christine to you and your family.

Meaning hunt said...

Sorry; comment at October 5th *once upon a long ago*
(really sorry for flooding)

Barb, sfo said...

Hope you liked Evan Almighty! We all thought it was a terrific movie.
Happy New Year!

Christine M said...

Kris - no Swiss cheese this year. Though, I think perhaps it is un-American to hate Swiss cheese as much as you do!

Barb - yes, we liked Evan Almighty very much. A very funny movie.

Easter A. said...

Apples to Apples and Evan Almighty are a good mixture! We like both!

Happy New Year, Christine!

I will include this site to my sidebar.

Christine M said...

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar, Easter. I appreciate it!