Sunday, December 23, 2007

Let's Just Check the Guidelines

That's what my husband, the engineer, says before he starts cooking or baking. The guidelines, of course, being what most people refer to as a recipe.

The other famous first line is "I just need to modify this a little."

He never follows a recipe.

And the thing is - anything he makes always turns out great. However he seldom keeps track of his modifications, so he can never duplicate his successes. Lately though he's enlisted Pippi as his note-taker. So maybe sometime we can make something again.

Though - chances are, if we do - he'll modify his modifications.


kkolshorn said...

I think AJ and I went to the same cooking school. It is the same way I cook. Only I refer to a recipe as a recipe.

Christine M said...

Make sure you try the peanut butter fudge tomorrow - that's what he was creating today!