Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jesse Tree - Day 4 - Noah's Ark

Today the Jesse Tree story was about Noah and the Ark. Now, there's a story my kids have known since they were toddlers. Doesn't every child have at least one Noah Ark set and multiple picture books of the story.

The readings are Genesis: 6:5-8; 7:15-18; 9:8, 15-16; Matthew 24:36-39, 42 and 1 Peter 3:20b-21a.

The symbol we created was a rainbow. Pippi tried to make an ark, but was stymied. I told her the directions were in the bible - but the cubits had her stumped and she couldn't find any gopherwood in our craft box.

Pippi thought it would be a good idea to read the whole story of Noah's ark, instead of just the verses listed - and we started that way, but Harry was impatient, and I found that it gets very repetitive (many times we are told about the animals, male and female) - so after awhile we just read the verses mentioned.

The new testament verses were of course places where the destruction by the flood and the covenant God made with his people were mentioned.
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