Monday, December 03, 2007


A few months ago, before Harry started taking guitar lessons, my husband showed him a Youtube video of Roy Clark playing Malaguena. He was impressed, but it seemed too beyond him to contemplate, so he was only mildly interested.

Recently he showed him some more video. This time it sparked his imagination. When he went to his guitar lesson on Saturday he asked his teacher if he could learn Malaguena. The teacher was impressed that first of all a seven-year-old knew what that was - and that he wanted to play it. His teacher, not one to let an opportunity pass, copied the music his uncle had written out for him when he was learning and started teaching Harry Malaguena.

The opening bars of Malaguena are the only music I hear when Harry picks up his guitar now. He's pretty good. I'll be happy when he learns even more of it.

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Harry said...

you mean a YEAR ago it's 2008 person!!