Thursday, December 06, 2007

Jesse Tree - Day 5 - Abraham

Today's theme for the Jesse Tree was the Blessing to Abraham. All of the readings were very short - perhaps too short, they didn't really tell much of the story. We've told the story of Abraham in the past though, so Pippi and Harry knew who he was - and that he apparently rode a camel (today's symbol).
The readings today were: Genesis 12: 1-3; 17:5; Hebrews 11:8, 12; Matthew 1:1.

In other years we've read more of the story of Abraham and Sarah and the angels that came and dined with them and promised them a son.

Did you ever wonder - in some of these Bible stories - a person drops by out of the blue and in order to feed them they slaughter an animal. Now, I'm no expert on any of that; but it would seem to me that slaughtering and butchering take a certain amount of time - and then there is the seasoning and cooking bit. Hours would have to go by before these meals would be ready to eat. People must have lived at a more leisurely pace. I mean, can you imagine going to someone's house, they say "would you like something to eat?" then they take a live animal around to the back of the barn to begin meal preparations? Yikes! I'd be calling a pizza place. Anyway - I digress.

So - Abraham. It didn't seem likely to him, I'm sure, that God would keep his promise of being the father of multitudes (since he was old and childless) but God kept his promise. God does things in His own time and His own way.
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