Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jesse Tree - Day 22 - The Angel

Angels Proclaim the Miraculous Birth.

The symbol for today is an angel. Our angel was already atop the Jesse Tree. The tree just didn't seem right without an angel atop it.

The readings for today were Genesis 18:1-4, 8b-10a - the story of the three heavenly visitors telling Abraham and Sarah that they were to become parents in their old age. (see, angels are proclaiming a miraculous birth way back then too). The second reading was: Luke 2:8-14 - when the angels came to the shepherds at night and told them the good news.
We stopped to think about what it would have been like for the shepherds out there in the field. It was dark. Way darker than it ever gets in our yard (we live a 1/4 mile from a huge mall and near many highways - there is a lot of light pollution). And it was quiet. The sheep were probably sleeping, the shepherds talking quietly among themselves or dozing a little.

And then - suddenly - there was an angel lighting up the sky. And speaking to them. And then there was a multitude of angels singing.

Imagine some of their first impressions. "Do you see what I see?" "What was in that flask you brought, anyway?" "Maybe I'm dreaming?"

But first impressions aside, they believed the angels were there and proclaiming a miracle to them - because they went. They went to see the baby they had been told about. They were the social outcasts of their day - but they were the ones the angels came to - and they were the first ones who got to see the Savior.
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