Sunday, December 09, 2007

Jesse Tree - Day 8 - Passover (More Sacrificial Lamb)

Today's readings brought us a bit of the Passover story. Not all of it, not all of the plagues, or why the Israelites needed to escape from Egypt in the first place - but that's okay. We can cover those topics at another time. Today brought the story of the lamb - the one that needed to be killed and eaten and it's blood rubbed on the door in order that death will pass over that house.

I must say that some of the symbols in this series are a little hard to make for tree-hanging purposes - but this is Harry's attempt at a doorway with blood - another day you'll get to see my attempt at Bethlehem (!?).

The readings are: Exodos 12:3, 5a, 6b-8, 11-13; John 1:29; 6:4, 52-54; 1 Corinthians 5:7b.

In the new Testament readings we find that Jesus is equated with this sacrificial lamb. The one whose blood was used to cause death to pass them over. And that is what Jesus was for us wasn't he? His blood was spilt so we might have eternal life.
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