Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gingerbread House

Yesterday we made our Gingerbread house. Usually we buy one of those ubiquitous kits that pop up this time each year. Then you simply assemble and eat any left over candy. This year - thanks to my cousin Eileen (Thanks Eileen), we got to be a little more authentic. It was still a kit (you can see the box in the background of the first picture). This required adding ingredients to the mix and cutting and baking. Luckily the sugar people came as part of the kit!
The minor difficulties we acquired throughout were easily taken care of. The internet helped me find the cup/ounces equivalent to 200g of honey - and also what temperature 200 degrees Celsius is in Fahrenheit (392). You see - the kit (like my cousin) was from Germany. So this was a real authentic Gingerbread house.

I've never been real great at precise measuring and cutting (even with a pattern) - so our roof tiles and front and back pieces did not end up exactly the same sizes. We solved the roof tile problem by propping it up with some handy (and just the right size gum drops).

So we have our Gingerbread House. The Christmas season can commence!
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rfaill said...

If you want to try it without a kit next year, there's a list of print-out gingerbread house pattern sites here. It really isn't that much harder, and you can lay the patterns right on the dough to cut out the pieces -- mis-measuring problem solved!

Christine M said...

Sadly, this kid came with a pattern and I still didn't cut it even. But thanks for the suggestion.

Christine M said...

ummm - I meant kit not kid. Sorry