Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Flowers

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The first thing Pippi noticed in this collage of pictures was that I cut off Mary's head. I'm truly sorry, but I was trying to show what was missing in front of her. My tulips. The leaves are there. The stems are there. The beautiful flowers I had there last year - gone. And why is that. The squirrels are hungry. And they shouldn't be. They eat all the bird seed. Darn squirrels.

Aside from that - here are some of my early spring flowers - Forget Me Not, Bleeding Heart, Primrose, Candy Tuft and I don't remember what the pink flower next to the primrose is. I think it's soapwort. (Am I right, Mom?)


Bill said...

You don't need Mom for this. I am a Master Garden Digger and I can tell you what the pink flower is next to the primrose. Which one is the primrose?

Christine M said...

The Primrose is the yellow one. :)

Anne K said...

It sounds strange that you chopped off Mary's head to show what wasn't there but I do understand. Anyways, the pink flower is phlox. This variety is sometimes called creeping or carpet phlox. Does anyone know it by a different name? Mom

Patty P said...

Poor Mary! Although your flowers are pretty.
Have a great weekend.

Christine M said...

The explanation for the chopped off picture of the statue of Mary. The battery in the camera was dying, I couldn't tell that I didn't have such a great picture until I was doing the collage. By that time it was dark outside and I couldn't re-do the picture.