Sunday, April 13, 2008

Better a Day Late, than a Dollar Short

Happy Birthday, Kris

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We celebrated another family birthday (a day late). But since my sister-in-law got to go to the Phillies game on her birthday - and they won - I don't think she minded too much. That's her in the picture, sitting on her husband; my youngest brother.

It's always fun having Kris around - never a dull moment! She has a heart of gold - and I'm glad Leo decided to marry her and make her a part of our family. She recently started her own blog, add two to the mix, (so named because of their desire to adopt two children sometime soon), so go over and get to know her - and wish her a happy birthday!

Recently Kelly, at Big A little a, had a post on Googlegangers - people you find on Google who share your name. No one really shares my maiden name (there's someone in an old genealogy that comes up); there are a few more with my married name. But I have something different than a Googleganger. I have a name double in my own family (or close to it).

You see when my brother married Kris she got my old name. (Okay, her first name is Kristen and mine is Christine, so the initial is different - but she goes by Kris, and so do I). What's odd is this is not that unusual in my family (maybe it's common everywhere?). My grandmother's brother married someone with the same first name as my grandmother. So for awhile there were two Ruth Howards - until my grandmother married and changed her name. My cousin married someone with the same first name as his girl cousin - so again - the person with the name Linda T when I was growing up, is not the person known as Linda T now.

Does anyone else have to share a name with a new member of your family?

And Happy Belated Birthday (to the new) Kris K.


kkolshorn said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Here's my family name story. Your brother pointed out that for a relationship to be successful in my family the name of the other person has to either be the same of close to the same of someone in the family. My sister Kelly is married to Tristan. My name is Kristen. My sister Kari's boyfriend's name is Michael. That is my brother's middle name. The topper is Kim's boyfriend name is Kelly nickname boy Kelly not to be confused with my sister Kelly. Now, in case all are wondering how Leo fits maiden name is Lebo. Take out the B and you have Leo. Now, Jason seemingly is breaking this pattern by marrying Ashlea whose first or middle name don't match my family. Then, again Jason is also the one named with a J in the family so that should hopefully break the pattern in a successful relationship.

Barb, sfo said...

Actually I have "googlegangers" in the family for both my maiden and married names! The married name is worse (she even has the same middle name) but the maiden name has a funnier story. When I was about 2 or 3, my uncle married Barbara. Apparently I was so miffed that someone else had the same name as me, I wouldn't look at her or speak to her! She got her "revenge" 20 years later when I got a job teaching in her town--she always threatened to try to pick up my paychecks :)

Kelly said...

I can't think of any in my family except with family names--like Louis Herold (a few of those).