Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Great Shelving Adventure - Fini

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Over at A Dram of Scotch, a Kayak and a Table Saw, my Dad has been blogging about the Great Shelving Adventure. It all started when my son decided what he wanted for Christmas was wood and nails so he could make himself some shelves. I decided the better option was to ask Grampy to help make the shelves. Grampy (not surprisingly) did most of the work. But Harry helped.

And today the shelves were installed. And then we had the job of putting Harry's things in order (a lot of these things have spent the past month or so in boxes). His room is now cleaner than it's been in a very long time. I'm just hoping it stays that way through the First Communion party next week.


kkolshorn said...

The shelves would look better without the Yankee junk that are cluttering them.

Christine M said...

Did you not also notice the Phillies hat? And that "Yankee" junk includes a baseball autographed by Thurmon Munson and picture.

Plus there's a Somerset Patriots ball there too!

kkolshorn said...

Doesn't matter. Putting any Yankees things ruin the whole atmosphere of the room. I wouldn't even put a Babe Ruth autograph out if I had one.

Christine M said...

Well, we all have our issues.