Wednesday, April 09, 2008


People often say they want their dreams to come true. I'm going to assume most people mean their day dreams when they say this. Not the strange things that the sub-conscience conjures up in the pre-dawn hours.

If my day dreams came true I'd be a best-selling author, living in a larger house with more property around it and maybe even someone to do the house cleaning for me. Sounds good, right?

If my night dreams came true I'd be an incompetent bumbler.

I often dream that I can't do something. Usually it's dial a phone. I've had lots of dreams where I needed to make a phone call and couldn't get a phone to work, couldn't remember how to dial, couldn't push the right buttons. Whatever. All bad. Very stressful.

Last night was a new variation on that. I couldn't write my name.

Now, I've been writing my name legibly since the early seventies. Like dialing a phone, this is something I don't seem to have problems with in real life.

So I dreamt I was at an author signing (and no, I wasn't the author), and wanted to buy a book and have the author sign it. But they were out of books - and while someone looked for more the author suggested I write my name down - and address - so if they didn't find a book at this time, she could mail me one.

The rest of the dream was taken up with my failed attempts to clearly and legibly write my first name.


If I talk about dreams coming true, it's certainly not the ones I have in my sleep that I mean!


PJ Hoover said...

I'd try to talk and wouldn't be able to get words out of my mouth.

Anne K said...

I've had many dreams trying to make a phone call too. Usually my dream begins with trying to find the phone number for an emergency. I can't spell. Everything becomes blurry. Don't know why 911 doesn't come to mind. And it just goes down hill after that. Nice to know I'm not alone.

kkolshorn said...

Boy I haven't commented in awhile. I am sure all my faithful readers have missed me. Well, I pulled your dad, and looked up the dream meaning. Your dreams are related. Both not being able to write your name and trouble dialing phone mean that you are having trouble getting a point across to someone. Basically, you are having trouble reaching someone. Makes sense if you think about it. Not that I believe in that stuff, but hey. It is what it says. I see this particular thing runs in the family.

HipWriterMama said...

Mine involve my teeth falling out.

Bill said...

I'm getting nervous. I hope I'm not having a heart attack when 911 isn't coming to Anne's mind.