Thursday, April 10, 2008

Expensive Taste

I've heard the expression "Champagne and Caviar Taste on a Beer and Pretzel Budget" and sometimes I think that applies to me - but actually, I'm usually pretty happy with Beer and Pretzels (and I don't particularly care for caviar, I did have it once). But I was in the produce department of the local Wegman's Supermarket with my husband, when he noticed something that even exceeds a champagne and caviar budget.

There between the mushrooms and the peppers was a locked Plexiglas case. How often do you see a locked case in the produce department? So we investigated a little further. In the case was a bed of dried rice, and sitting on the rice were about 9 shriveled looking black things about the size of a shooter marble. Hmm. Odd looking things to keep under lock and key.

Then we noticed the sign in front. Truffles. Ah ha. Now things were making sense. As I continued to look at the sign though, it took a while for me to process what I was seeing. The price, listed under a happy little "you pay just" had too many numbers to be in a supermarket. But, no, that is what it said. "You pay just $999.99".

That would be each by the way.

Those truffles can just stay locked up in their case, they will not be on my grocery list any time soon! (Though I am very curious, how long have they been there? Has anyone bought any? We don't exactly live in a neighborhood where people go and spend $1000 on a mushroom. At least I didn't think we did.)


PJ Hoover said...

Are you kidding!!!

And, seriously, when you get to that kind of money, why play the marketing tricks of making it 999.99? Why not just call it 1000 and be done with it?

Take a picture next time you're there.

Christine M said...

I should take a picture of it, you're right. And I couldn't believe it either! As for why 999.99 and not an even grand? I don't know - people want to feel like they're getting a deal?

Esther said...

I've always wanted to taste truffle. But at those prices, I hope they have some in heaven.