Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spelling Words

Harry gets a say in the spelling words his teacher assigns him. He is in his own spelling group, all by himself, and the words are usually surrounding a theme - either a vowel sound or a consonant grouping or maybe a holiday - like St. Patrick's day. The teacher picks most of the words; but he does get to help choose some of the ones on the list.

Last week he asked the teacher to help him remember a certain word. She wasn't sure what word he was looking for and couldn't help him. A while later he went back to her and told her the word. She quite reasonably asked him why he was telling her this word. "Do you want that as one of your focus words?" she asked. He nodded (he later told me that after he did that he wondered 'what have I done?')

So his spelling words this week are a series of "ology" words. And what word started all this? What word did my second grader decide he wanted for a spelling word?

You guessed it (no, you really didn't)

Paleoanthropology (of course)


PJ Hoover said...

Oooh, the ology words. These are such favorites (though we're in the naming them off, not spelling stage).

Easter A. said...

What a smart child! :-)

HipWriterMama said...

Harry has a special teacher if she's willing to help Harry shine at his level, rather than pigeon holing him into the class curriculum.

Wow! For the teacher AND for Harry!

Christine M said...

His teacher is great! But even she admits that there's only so much she can do to challenge him.

And in case you were wondering (I was) Harry originally found the word Paleoanthropology while browsing through a dictionary one day.