Friday, April 04, 2008

Poetry Friday - April

It's Poetry Friday again. And it's Poetry month. So, by rights, I should post a truly fabulous poem here today.

That's not going to happen.

Instead - once April comes around the lines to a poem I wrote once start to come back to me. Perhaps if I post them those pesky lines will leave me alone.

Please keep in mind that poetry is not my natural creative outlet. I used to write lots of poems full of emotional angst when I was a teenager. Then I met my future husband, the emotional angst dried up, and so did the (admittedly bad) poetry.

But, I shall not spare you today.

A Snowflake in April
Just like a snowflake in April
I fell to the ground to melt when I met you.

You can not read the rest of the poem anywhere - because I don't know where it is - and it's not really worth it. - There's something in there about being interesting at first but having the novelty wear off quickly. It basically shows the sad state of affairs with an ex-boyfriend.

However if you would like to read some truly great and inspired poems in honor of National Poetry Month - head on over to Becky's Book Reviews. She's hosting the round up this week.


PJ Hoover said...

Really, I have a hard time imagining you with emotional angst.
You seem way too calm for that!

Christine M said...

That particular ex-boyfriend inspired a lot of angst - and consequently a lot of poems!