Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Height of Luxury

I remember when I was about seven, my friend, Janie, got a new bedroom. They had added a room onto her house and she and her sister did not have to share a room anymore. I don't recall if she or her sister got the new room. I do know that Janie got to decorate her bedroom anyway she liked.

And the way she liked was purple.

Light purple walls, purple carpet (okay, this was the early seventies, people, this was cool.)

Could there be anything more wonderful than to chose your own room color? (My room was pink, with a red rug - I was the only girl among boys; I got pink) And to chose Purple on top of that! To my seven-year-old self that epitomized the height of luxury.

What things did you see or want as a child that you thought were just the best they could possibly be?


PJ Hoover said...

No question about it. The silky, satiny sheets in the JC Penney catalogue. Pink and Lavender were my favorites. I SO wanted these sheets.

Funny. During high school I had a red rug. Loved it!

Barrie said...

My 7 y.o. chose purple! When in her bedroom, I always feel like I'm in a giant grape!

Jen Robinson said...

When I was a kid we rented a vacation home that had triple decker bunk beds, and I thought those were the height of cool, if not of luxury.

For luxury, I still remember the first home I stayed in as a guest in which I had an en suite bathroom of my very own. I thought it was the height of luxury - to be able to have a special, nicely accessoried bathroom that was just for the guest, accessible only from the guest room. I was actually in college at the time, but I was still enough of a kid to be impressed.